Discipline Procedures

Tot Stop will use "Time-Out" in a chair set off from the regular group but still in view of the supervising employee. The child will be placed in the chair for a period of no more than 3 minutes. After the time is up the problem will be discussed with the child and a solution to the problem found. For Example:

A child strikes another child because he wants the toy the other child has. The child who hit would be told that hitting is not allowed and then placed in a "Time-Out". After a few minutes (no more than 3) the child will be asked, "what would be a better way of getting a toy?" After discussing appropriate solutions the child will be brought back to the group with no further mention made of the incident.

"Discipline should be handled by a supervising employee. Continual behavior problems may need the assistance of the administrative director. The staff will use the following disciplinary methods:

  • Conference with the student
  • "Time Out" if behavior continued or was more serious like hitting, swearing, talking back
  • Time Out
  • Conference with parent
  • Assignment of a special task
  • Probation (must be approved by the director)
  • Suspension (must be approved by the director)
  • Expulsion (must be approved by the director)

Emotional abuse such as ridicule, humiliation or any comments that degrade a child will not be tolerated from any staff member and/or parent toward any child, their own or others.