Tot Stop Procedures and Policies

Arriving for School

Supervision begins promptly at 7:00 am. We ask the parents who wish to talk to their child's teacher, to do so at appropriate times so as not to disturb actual class time. The teachers will have time during the day, before class, rest time, or at pre-arranged time to discuss your child and will be happy to make themselves available to you. Preschool classes begin at 9:00 am. If your child arrives after class has started, please leave your child at the front desk with the director so class will not be disturbed. The director will walk your child to class and see that your child's belongings are stored properly.


Please inform the office by 8:00 am. If your child will not be at school that day.


We encourage you to celebrate your child's birthday with the class if you choose. You may bring enough cake or cupcakes for your child's class or some other treat. Be sure to give your child's teacher enough notice that she can plan to make it a special day. If you are planning a party at home and do not plan to invite everyone in your child's class, please do not hand out invitations at school so other children's feeling do not get hurt.

Rest Time

The State of California requires a two hour rest time for all children in preschool. To make this time as comfortable as possible for your child we have provided a mat for each child. You must bring a crib sheet and a small blanket for your child's use.

Health and Safety

All minor injuries are handled by our staff. If a child becomes ill during the day, he/she will be sent to see the school director. If the illness or injury is serious, the parents, guardian or person designated on the emergency form will be contacted.

Owee Reports

Whenever a child is injured at school, an Owee Report is to be written up by a teacher and signed by the director or assistant director. A copy is to be left with the director and the form is to be sent home with the child in order to notify the parent.

Personal Possessions and Jewelry

No Toys! Books and approved videos only. Children should be cautious about what they bring to school, realizing that it may not be treated like it would be at home. Valuable items should not be brought. Children may bring a specified item from home if their teacher notifies the class and approves it ahead of time. Be sure to check with your child's teacher about what the specific item is. Anything brought to school should be clearly marked with your child's name. The Tot Stop cannot be responsible for lost, damaged or stolen personal possessions. Children may not wear jewelry of any kind to school except girls with pierced ears.

Classroom Visits

Parents are welcome to visit the classroom. We want to remind you that some children have a difficult time with their parents in the classroom and it may cause a disruption in the parents are there. Please keep this in mind when visiting your child.

Change Of Address

It is vital that we have accurate information concerning your child. You must notify the school immediately of any change of address, phone number, or persons allowed to pick up your child.


All children need to have a change of clothes to keep in their cubby, in the event of wetting, falling in water/mud or tearing that may occur. If your child does not have a set of clothes here, you will be called to bring them a change of clothing if it becomes necessary. Also, Please, no boots, thongs, or jelly-styled shoes. These types of footwear can be dangerous to your child during recess time, and we want the safest environment for each child.

Illness At School

If at any time during the school day a student feels too ill to remain in class or school, the office will make arrangements by telephone to the parents for the student to go home. (A 24 hour "stay home and get better time" is required before the child will be allowed to come back to school. This is in accordance with our illness policy).

Fire Drill

Fire Drills are scheduled regularly. The evacuation plan for each room is posted in class on the wall by the outside exit to play yard. The teachers are responsible for knowing the exit route for their class and for getting the children to the safe zone.

Earthquake Drill

Every Quarter teachers are required to conduct an earthquake drill during class time. These drills will consist of following the emergency exits and meeting in the North parking lot.